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The Skinny on Whole Grains

Posted on February 25, 2013 01:52 pm

Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere, no doubt you’ve heard that whole grains are healthful and something we all need to incorporate into our diets. Yes, I know, the word “grains” doesn’t exactly start your heart racing or make you want to rush into the kitchen and start cooking. So I am here to convince you—yes, convince you—of the many reasons that whole grains are darned good, and why you need to make them a part of your diet ASAP. more

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Lasting Change...The Only Way to Go

Posted on February 19, 2013 01:44 am

Make any New Year's resolutions last month? How are they working for you? Not so well if you are like many people. In fact, chances are you can’t recall what they were or prefer not to be reminded of them at all. As for me, I rarely make those infamous resolutions because they always seem superficial, and I have a hard time thinking them up. Why so? Because they have no real meaning to me. Part of the problem is that when we attempt to make changes we often do it out of guilt or because we think we ought to. But to create lasting change you need really, really strong reasons—compelling reasons—to make it happen. Instead of seeing changes as " ought-to-do things,” you have to see them as "must-do things.” When we think we ought to make changes, we are really saying "Yes, it more

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Fill Up Without Filling Out…6 Easy Tips

Posted on February 12, 2013 06:14 pm

If you are anything like me, when it comes to the three meals of the day, you like to feel as if you’ve eaten enough food to be satiated without feeling stuffed when you get up from the table. Here are some easy tips to make this happen without putting on the pounds, along with some pointers on making good snack choices. Sounds like a good deal to me. Tip #1 Start with a Salad. It is worth a few extra minutes of your time to create a really tempting mixed salad. Consider a variety of greens including various lettuces, watercress, more

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