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Self-Limiting Beliefs…Give ‘em the Boot!

Posted on April 10, 2014 03:42 pm

• I’ll never make enough money • I’ll never find my soul mate • I’ll never lose the weight Any of these sound familiar? They are known as self-limiting beliefs, and many of us have at least one of them. They may be delivered as facts but are anything but. They are instead beliefs, opinions, or assumptions we have about ourselves that seem unshakable and the absolute truth. But they are only true because we have decided they are and believe that nothing can shake them. The bad news is that these beliefs declare that nothing will ever change, or we don’t deserve anything better. Recall the term self-fulfilling prophesy? If you believe that something will never happen, well you can be sure it won’t. You are setting yourself up for failure and when it comes, maybe it will even feel good in some strange way, knowing that you were right about nothing changing. The big problem with self-limiting beliefs is that they can greatly limit your ability to achieve your goals and attain success, as they pretty much strip us of the power to change what is. more

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